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Amanda Sandoval New Leadership to Bethany & Ward 1

Amanda Sandoval New Leadership to Bethany & Ward 1

Bethany Oklahoma.- Community organizer and activist, Amanda Sandoval filed to run for Bethany’s Ward 1 City Council seat, which is being vacated by Curtis Moore. 

Sandoval describes herself as a community advocate. She emphasizes her background in organizing, non-profit work, and leadership excellence to expand and provide new momentum for Ward 1 and Bethany’s residents.

“I am excited and hope to bring new leadership to Bethany and for Ward 1,” Sandoval said. “I’m focusing on bringing changes to how we approach infrastructure, bringing businesses and families to Bethany, and fully-funding our city’s animal shelter. With incremental change, we can grow and compete with cities that are bigger than us.”

Amanda Sandoval was born and raised in Oklahoma. Amanda is goal-driven and highly-skilled equipped in leadership abilities.

Amanda graduated from OSU-OKC with an Associates degree and OSU with Bachelor's degree in Political Science. She possesses a variety of experiences working in the non-profit arena and political arena uplifting underserved communities. Amanda has previously worked as a Community Mobilizer at DCCCA, a non-profit dedicated to substance abuse prevention and safety disposal of prescription medication. 

Currently, she serves on the National Board of Directors as the Director of Expansion for Sigma Lambda Alpha Sorority, Inc. She is the Communications Directors for Dream Action Oklahoma. Amanda was also awarded the Women Lead Award from Women Lead Oklahoma, Miss Fiestas de las Americas, Governors Cup Small Business, Neophyte of the Year & Women for OSU Student Philanthropist. 

Today, Amanda lives in Bethany, Oklahoma with her husband, Carlos and their cat, Bella.

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