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S.A.F.E. Oklahoma

S.A.F.E. Oklahoma

Organización ayuda a personas con problemas de abuso de sustancias ofreciendo clases, recursos, y apoyo profesional.

Una conversación con S.A.F.E.

1.-What is the Mission of the organization?
The mission of the Substance Abuse Foundation (SAFE) is to provide substance abuse assessments, education, and counseling to those individuals who have substance related need; from either in the criminal justice system, by referral or self-identification by the client. SAFE provides outreach education at no expense to public or private organizations, in an effort to be known throughout the community as a place of comfort, understanding and education on substance related issues.
2.-How big is the need of these services in Oklahoma City?
The need of an organization such as SAFE is great: we are one of only a few providers of Spanish speaking ADSAC (Alcohol and Drug Substance Abuse Courses) and Victim Impact Panels in the State of Oklahoma. SAFE is a 501c3 non-profit educational facility, licensed and approved by the State of Oklahoma and the IRS. SAFE is licensed by the ODMHSAS (Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services) to provide substance abuse services for those individual who get arrested for DUI, DUI-Drugs, APC, DWI or any drug related offenses. SAFE is licensed to provide these services to anyone charged in municipal, county/state, district, federal or tribal courts. SAFE has contracted with licensed drug and alcohol assessors to provide Spanish speaking assessments for those individuals who have had their licenses suspended by Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) for an alcohol or drug related offense. Again, SAFE is one of only a few agencies who are authorized to provide this services in Spanish.
In addition, SAFE has contracted Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors who can provide individual or group counseling in Spanish for any court ordered or non-court related issues. We are currently planning to add Domestic Violence and Anger management counseling in the very near future. SAFE is on course to
Provide a one-stop service location for all Spanish speaking services.
3.-Are these services provided for everybody? does people attending the class need to provide some specific documents?
Yes. These services are open to anyone who is seeking assistance or guidance in this area. We don’t require any documents other than needing to know basic information about the incident or issue. The process is usually begun by having an assessment to determine what particular needs they client may require. This assessment or evaluation is required by the courts and DPS before treatment can begin. We usually suggest that the client plan on being with us for at least 2 hours. We can provide guidance to the client for any services they may require. Our staff has many years of experience dealing with attorneys, the courts and all the processes involved. We make if very easy for the client to receive all services at one location.
4.-Are these classes in Spanish and English?
Yes. We offer services in Spanish and English. SAFE is licensed to provide services in Spanish and English.
5.-How many classes are they require to take? and What happens after completing the classes? do you provide a certificate or document to proof the person has completed with all the classes?
The number of classes or (treatment) required depends up what the court may require; what DPS requires or what the assessment/evaluation shows should be the proper treatment for the client.
6.-Where and who should people contact to register or enroll in these classes? is there any cost?
Most assessments (Driver’s License, DUI, APC, DWI) or any drug and alcohol assessments not involving a vehicle are $160 or $175. The fee for any DPS or driver’ license issue is set by law at $160 or $175. There are many different assessments for different court requirevments. We have the ability to serve the client in any of these areas. Clients may call 405-310-0150 for English appointments or 405-517-3596 for all Spanish speaking clients.
7.-What message would you like to send to our readers, about your services?
Please call us and we will be happy to answer any of your questions. We offer many different schedules for our clients and provide them very professional care, in a friendly, caring environment and we are ready to assist the client in any manner to resolve their issue/problem. Our staff is very experienced with the legal system and the court related processes that are often very confusing and uncomfortable for clients. Our staff can provide the proper services or direct the client to make the process as simple as possible.

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