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Santa has come to Oklahoma

Santa has come to Oklahoma

By: Harmonee Wilfong

Christmas is coming to town soon, and Santa has come early! At Capitol Hill High School on December 7, 2018 they hosted their annual Lee christmas party. It is an amazing experience, and so much fun to hangout with the little kids from Lee Elementary. “ I believe that the reason many of us do the Lee Christmas party is because in the past we were in their shoes. Maybe we didn’t have a christmas like the ones we saw in the movies or in stories. I not only believe that this is a great opportunity to expose these little kids to a little christmas that they might not get at home, but also to give them a fun experience that they will remember! I also have friends who participated in this activity many years ago and it really did make an impact in their life”, quoted from Fernando Garcia a student at Capitol Hill. Like many others he volunteered to “adopt” a child, and hangout with them, and to give them a gift. 

There were many activities to do ranging from crafts to playing soccer. The Principal for Lee Elementary Amy Daugherty said, “Every year it is a phenomenal success! The kids love it! They come, play and hang out. I am still amazed at how much work is put into it and how quickly everything comes together in such a short time.The kids talk about it year after year, and even the parents will talk about it. This is because it has been going on for forty-two years!  Saying “my mother came to this, or my siblings”! It is truly a tradition in our community.” The host of the Lee Christmas Tristanne Asbury and Steven Hernandez both agreed that it’s an amazing opportunity for both the kids and teens! Thank you for reading my column and if you have any stories you would like me to cover please email the El Latino American Newspaper at ellatinonews@hotmail.com or call them at (405)632-1934.

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