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Bank of America $25,000 to Opportunities Industrialization Center

Bank of America          $25,000 to Opportunities Industrialization Center

Bank of America $25,000 to Opportunities Industrialization Center

Oklahoma City, OK– Opportunities Industrialization Center of Oklahoma County, Inc. (OIC) is receiving $25,000 from Bank of America to support the recently launched Business Academy, an entrepreneurship-focused workforce development initiative.


Dedicated to connecting Black Americans with the resources and capital needed to start a business, many participants in the program have previously been justice-involved, creating challenges in finding steady employment opportunities. OIC’s programs offer these citizens the tools and support needed to create a better future for themselves and their families.


“This is our second cohort of individuals and businesses to participate in the program, and we’re excited to see the positive impact this round has on our community,” said DesJean Jones, Executive Director for OIC. “So often, all people need to get their idea off the ground is belief and a little support. We’re proud to be the conduit that connects people and opportunities, and thankful that other groups like Bank of America recognize the value of the work we do.”


The donation from Bank of America will directly benefit participants in a 12-week business academy, offering access to critical startup training and resources, including market analysis, branding workshops, operations training and other key elements necessary to start a business. In addition, Bank of America is covering membership costs to the Oklahoma City Black Chamber of Commerce for participants that graduate from the program.


“As residents of Oklahoma City, we’re proud to partner with Opportunities Industrialization Center in their work with formerly justice-involved citizens, and this community as a whole,” said Joanne Davis, executive director for the Oklahoma City Black Chamber of Commerce. “Supporting underserved and overlooked communities and individuals makes a meaningful, positive impact, strengthening OKC’s economy and making this a better city now and for future generations.”


In addition to startup resources, participants will get the chance to build business networks, draft and refine business plans with guidance, and receive an initial investment at the end of the program.


“At Bank of America, we’re committed to working with the communities we call home,” said Tony Shinn, Bank of America Oklahoma City president. “This program is a perfect example of how financial investment, paired with OKC’s plentiful human capital, has the potential to create opportunities and change lives for the better; supporting initiatives like this will support greater racial equality, regional economic mobility and encourage positive growth for years to come.”


This grant is part of Bank of America’s focus on advancing economic mobility by supporting nonprofit organizations focused on education, workforce and community development, and basic needs. It also complements the company’s five-year, $1.25 billion commitment to address racial equality and economic opportunity.


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