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The Sooner Rover Team has announced they would like their fans, supporters, or anyone that may be following the team to help name their rover! Submissions can be entered at and will be open until April 25th, 2016. The Sooner Rover Team will review all submissions and choose their top five names. To decide the final name, these chosen five submissions will be opened to votes on April 26th! If your submission makes it into the top five they will contact you and let you know. Let your friends and families know also, anyone could be the one to name the Rover! The 2016 NASA RASC-AL Robo-Ops Challenge starts on May 24th at the Johnson Space Center on a simulated Mars rock yard. There will also be directions posted on so you can tune in with us and watch the competition live! The team has been working hard and diligently the past 4 months preparing for this upcoming competition and would love for you to get involved. Boomer Sooner!

The Team
The team consists of 15 members led by Chief Engineer Nathan Justus. There are four lead engineers incorporated by Dane Schoelen Project Lead, Bill Doyle Electrical Lead, Brent Wolf Mechanical Lead, and Jacob Jordan Computer Science Lead. This team has stepped up to the plate to compete against the best. A limited amount of teams were allowed into the competition; this team beat out three other teams one of those teams being MIT. Many hours and long nights have been put into the rover. This team strives to perfect the rover, and takes pride representing the University of Oklahoma along with their fans at the competition. Wining this competition is the goal and anything less to this team would be unacceptable.
Boomer Sooner! Go SoRo!

The Rover
Amazing Maneuverability:

• Zero turn capability
• Independent wheel configuration allows adjusts on the fly
• Easily goes over rocks, bricks, wooden logs, etc.

Built tough:

• Powerful enough to pull itself up a vertical wall, using only the front two wheels!
• Wheels constructed from over 300 individual metal pieces
• Rugged construction and water resistance coating

Technologically Sound:

• Can be operated remotely from anywhere in the world
• Motors and batteries, self-contained inside the wheels
• Our claw technology offers user function flexibility

The Competition

• The Sooner Rover Team is a University of Oklahoma, Gallogly College of Engineering competition team competing, as one of eight teams, in the 2016 NASA's RASC-AL Robo-Ops Challenge for the first time ever.
• On May 24th, at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, the rover will be in the “Mars Yard” simulated Martian environment and explore for one hour, collecting samples.
• The rover will be operated remotely from OU’s campus in Norman, OK using only video streams broadcast from the rover over the cellular network.
• During the competition a live stream of the rover’s cameras and a view of mission control will be available for the public to “ride along” as we compete.

Johnson Space Center’s Mars rock yard.

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