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Two Edmond North graduates named Oklahoma's 2018 AP Scholars

Two Edmond North graduates named Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY – Abigail Ferrell and Michael Cox, 2018 graduates of Edmond North High School, have been named AP Scholars. The awards are given annually to one male and one female student in each state and the District of Columbia for outstanding achievement on Advanced Placement (AP) exams.

Ferrell, currently at Oklahoma State University studying psychology, is confident her participation in AP courses at Edmond North has made her a better college student.

“I’m more willing to study regularly outside of class, speak up while in class, meet with professors to ask questions and engage in unique research,” said Ferrell. “AP classes are most remarkable in that they teach students that they must take charge of their own learning if they wish to be successful.”

Cox is attending the University of Oklahoma and pursuing a double major in mathematics and mechanical engineering, an accomplishment he believes would not have been possible without his AP credits.

“AP classes exposed me to the intensity and workload required of me in the classes I am currently taking in college,” said Cox. “I personally believe – and studies show – that if you go into these classes confident in your abilities to perform, your grades and success in the classes will reflect that.”

Both Ferrell and Cox graduated high school with more than 60 college credits, satisfying nearly all of their general education requirements for their freshman year.

Joy Hofmeister, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, applauded the pair.

“Abigail and Michael exemplify what it means to go above and beyond in academic achievement. Their commitment and hard work in high school laid the foundation for them to do tremendous things in college and beyond,” she said. “I am extremely proud of these students and delighted they were chosen to represent our state.”

Since 2016, five of the past six AP Scholars have come out of Edmond Public Schools. 

“To reach this level of greatness requires a tenacious, purposeful pursuit of academic excellence, said Edmond Superintendent Bret Towne. “We could not be more proud of these two Edmond North High School graduates, and we look forward with great enthusiasm to what they will accomplish in their futures."

Both students credit their Edmond North teachers for their successes.

“This award is not the result of any intrinsic gifts I possess but is due to the countless hours of effort on the part of teachers who often don’t receive the reward they deserve for the invaluable work they do,” said Ferrell. “To my teachers, I say this: I have been shaped immeasurably by each of you, and I hope to make you all proud.”

Students enrolled in AP courses have an opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. More than 17,000 Oklahoma public school students took an AP exam during the 2017-18 school year.

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