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Thunder UP, always

Thunder UP, always

Our 2018-19 season has come to end, but our relentless pursuit of being a team you’re proud to cheer for has not. We’ll be back - stronger, focused and ready. Your support has gotten us this far, and it’s not gone unnoticed. 

The Thunder has made nine postseason appearances in 11 years - that’s not something that’s earned alone. YOU make Chesapeake Arena the loudest and most difficult place to play for our opponents; they say it all the time. In addition, the passion you display creates an energy-inducing environment for our players. Your continued loyalty is the foundation upon which we continue to build our legacy.

You’ve shown us once again why you are the best fans in all of sports. But you are more than just fans, you’re part of the team and you push us to be our best - and we will continue to strive to be. You deserve nothing less. 

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