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A Day of Business

A Day of Business

By Harmonee Wilfong, Senior, Capitol Hill High School

The Academy Of fine arts was established four years ago, in 2015, and has been prospering ever since. For the past three years, they have held a professional day, and this year was on January 29, 2019. The professional day consists of having guest speakers, creating resumes, team building, and having mock interviews. The students were responsible for trying to dress professional. The reason behind this day is because, these are skills that everyone is going to need in life. The students always seem to love it. In this year’s professional day, the seniors of the academy were able to do a presentation on how to dress professional and also model in a fashion show on the do’s and don’ts. The show was both educational and fun! 

The guest speakers informed everyone what they do, how they achieved it, and their advice for life. The students were asked to take notes and ask questions. The students were very intrigued. Ana Gabriel Miranda a student involved with the Academy of Arts said, “My favorite guest speaker would have to be Mr. Bennett. He is very reassuring and a great source of information.”

The experience helps students get an insight and let go of some of their worries.

Ms. Reyes the head director of the Academy of Arts said, “it was amazing to see everyone dress professional. It shows real maturity and responsibility. I also love to see how far the seniors have come along the years.” I am very lucky to be able to prosper with the Academy of Arts.

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