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Honoring The TOP 40 Hispanic Leaders In Oklahoma

Honoring The TOP 40  Hispanic Leaders In Oklahoma

Hispanic Heritage Month is about celebrating who we are and feeling proud. America is a wonderful country that provides opportunities, where dreams are achieved, as professional, business owner or job aspirations we want to achieve. 

In light of the national Hispanic heritage month the Oklahoma Hispanic Institute honored the top 40 Hispanic Leaders in Oklahoma. The luncheon event took place Wednesday September 13th, at the Oklahoma City Community College Art and Visual Center in Oklahoma City.

“The mission of the Oklahoma Hispanic Institute is to create, support, and sponsor initiatives for public -private engagement resource development in education, cultural arts and community leadership" said Fred Mendoza--Founder of the Oklahoma Hispanic Institute . "Hispanic Americans have made significant contributions to the United States in various fields, including politics, Media, sports, arts, and more, today is a very special day where we are honoring the top 40 Hispanic Leaders in our state of Oklahoma,” said Mendoza 

Francisco Ibarra-CEO –Supermercado Morelos, the largest Hispanic grocery store chain in Oklahoma, and Keynote speaker said " Hispanics must advocate so that our culture is not lost. We must celebrate our values, our culture, and traditions. Supermercado Morelos is proud to support our community, in many ways, throughout cultural, educational, arts, festivals, family events and many other ones celebrating our values"

(more information about this special event in our next edition of El Latino American)


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