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Congresswoman Horn votes on three financial literacy and protection bills

Congresswoman Horn  votes on three financial literacy and protection bills

WASHINGTON D.C. ¬— Congresswoman Kendra Horn (OK-05) voted for three measures on Tuesday afternoon that empower Americans and their pocketbooks.

One of the bills encourages use of public-private partnerships to offer students and young adults financial literacy classes, and two bills are designed to help the government better protect senior citizens from scammers.

“It is our job to empower individuals and protect our most vulnerable residents from scammers,” Congresswoman Horn said. “That is exactly what these bills do.”

More information on the legislation:

1. H.Res. 327 – Encouraging greater public-private sector collaboration to promote financial literacy for students and young adults 

1.  This resolution recognizes the importance of financial literacy and encourages greater public-private sector collaboration to promote financial literacy among students and young adults. 

2. H.R. 1876 – Senior Security Act of 2019 

1.  This bill would establish a task force on older investors at the Securities and Exchange Commission to make recommendations for legislative or regulatory actions to address problems encountered such as financial exploitation faced by senior investors. 

3. H.Res. 328 – Supporting the protection of elders through financial literacy 

1.  This resolution supports the goals of Financial Literacy Month to raise public awareness about the importance of personal financial education in the United States; and the serious consequences that may result from a lack of understanding about personal finances; acknowledges that raising awareness of threats to personal finances, especially for targeted populations like older adults and their relatives and caregivers, is only one party of financial literacy; and understands that to combat Elder Financial Exploitation, it is also necessary to encourage continued collaboration among law enforcement, financial institutions, regulatory agencies, and private sector organizations allowing detection, prevention, reporting, and investigation of these crimes.

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